Sunday, August 3, 2014

new buzz; a love's sting

Bees are the new buzz. They play a key role in the balance of the ecosystem. Colony Collapse Disorder is a phenomenon in recent years that have raised awareness in their decimation.  They may be symbolic of many things, but for me, it is their diligence and hard work. On a more personal and relatable level, they serve as metaphor to  pollinate own heart to allow growth and fulfill dreams. As they are ceaseless in productivity, I believe when the same principles are applied to personal life, employing hard work to feed ourselves in turn feeds our dreams. Applying these ethics to a recent juncture in a decision in my professional life is paramount, though at the inception of this concept, this decision was yet to be realized. I love bees as symbolism and design element. The collection will only grow as I grow.
It all started with this piece:
The necklace that started it all

bird's eye view

displayed in its frame with another piece for a show
the bee by itself 

hand etched brass cuff with bee

another view of same cuff

honeycomb cuff

honeycomb earrings

honeycomb bangle

honeycomb necklace

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