Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new endeavors

No MLB, no PGA, no NBA, and what I'd grown fond of last year, no cycling for the upcoming Giro.  I never thought I would be saying this, but sometimes I miss that familiar "background noise" of sports on TV.

There is still anger and sadness, not easy to forget with physical reminders often.  I know my anger and negativity reduces my own character and it probably paints an ugly portrait of myself.  If this shortcoming can alleviate the repugnant feelings, this "ugly label"  would be something I can live with.  Unfortunately, it does nothing more than entrap me in a vicious cycle of self-loathing for "this" emotional anger to have the power to change the person I am.

Despite it all, I'm trudging along.  I'm proud to have finally finished a first sweater for myself, Metro by Connie Chinchio.  It fulfills my tall order of liking it and actually have worn in public!  It helps that I can't stop petting the cashmere.

It is finally getting too warm to wear now, but it will be in wardrobe rotation come Autumn/Winter.

My new endeavors include glass bead making workshop at Hudson Beach Glass.   Since I was only able to take the workshop for one day this time, my focus was to practice making blossoms.  The beads have yet to be applied in a practical way.

The conflict in schedule was due to my enamel classes at Liloeve.  I'm really loving this medium because of the potential and infinite possibilities.  These are just test samples and techniques explored in class.

The two crafts are related in that enameling is nothing more than fusing powdered glass to metal.  These endeavors not only help in my growth of new skills, but at the same time it is "healing".  The schedule and commitment keeps me busy, distracted, and something to focus on.  I'm looking forward to exploring the media on my own!