Thursday, June 28, 2012

ciao italia!

Somehow, somewhere, some people, "conspired" to have this happen...

Made these for a few people of whom I will share this adventure...  experience of which I would have everything to gain.
I hoped for this time away to give me much insight and "clarity".  What I learn instead is to sometimes expect the unexpected, great things happen when you least expect, and are sometimes unplanned.  I go with an open mind, and allow this experience to actualize to what it's all meant to be...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There are rare individuals we meet, a connection and bond is formed, seemingly unlikely and inexplicable in certain ways, but makes an impression despite time and distance.  One such person is someone I met some years ago, pretty far in distance, mountain time zone, most beautiful and loving soul, empathic, compassionate wife, doting mother of some very lucky boys, and a "rainbow" little girl.  She is a woman with strong convictions, but never forceful, only respectful.  She has such an understanding of the human psyche, highly intellectual, and the most beautiful writer, with much honesty and truth, much prose, and a way with words that is so touching.  I can't relate to her tremendous losses, but I find comfort by the power of her words, her truth.  I feel the intensity of her words, her heart.   We were only in each other's company for about two weeks, and I have lost the bond connecting me to the periodic and personal updates.  It is only through social media, of which I rarely partake, that I am kept abreast of her happenings.  She may not know it, but is a person I draw strength.

My intentions were to have the "gifts" in her possession by Earth Day, because I know the significance of that day to her.  But, the procrastinator in me said by Mother's Day which turned into Memorial Day, because it would mean remembering two special souls, then into as soon as I can is better than not at all.  Nonetheless, they are finished, and shall soon be sent.
"un" dressed bunny, by Barbara Prime

well-dressed bunny with her "rainbow" pinafore

back, gathered a crocheted chain for the tail

watching over

two special souls

Though she will receive these momentos a little later than I had hoped, the sentiments are most sincere.  I hope Ali V likes her bunny, and a key ring for her mom to keep close...  If I should ever to be in that role, I only hope to be a fraction of the "mom" that she is!