Friday, February 24, 2012

gift(s) to self

It has been echoed my way on more than one occasion that "forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself".  I'd started reading Unconditional Forgiveness by Mary Hayes Grieco, this book echoes these sentiments and then more, concrete steps of which to achieve what I consider to be an "ideal".  Maybe I am not evolved yet to be "unconditional".  But, the willingness to broach the process of forgiveness, I am open to.  I'd learned that it is important for me to let go of the emotional hostility and the pain of the disappointed expectations.  One notion of which I like best is,  "give up the hope for a better past, to give ourselves the gift of a richer present".

Amongst the gifts from friends this week, one tangible gift of which I'd made for myself is this bangle of mixed metals (brass, copper, silver)

"for each twilight, a dawn- R. W. Emerson"
Emotional moments were evident the last couple of days, because of what yesterday and tomorrow means, meant, but it is up to me to decide what it will mean.  I have been wearing the bangle all week.  I recognize the truth and the sheer sanction of these words, a certainty in the literal sense, at the very least.  I am liking this style because it is accommodating for various wrist sizes, yet, it still closes.  Exploring options similar to this style are on the agenda, perhaps "gifts" for other people.