Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I realized it has been more than three, four, five months,  since my last post.  It may not be an extended length of time depending on one's measure of it,  but long enough for me to feel like I've dropped off from this blogisphere forum.  The more time elapses, the more neglectful I feel, the more abandoned and harder it is to post again.  I feel overwhelmed catching up on this chasm in time, but feel inclined to create some chronological order. It has been packed with preparation, production, creating of stuff much to the neglect of everything else, exploring creative options, introspection... As to not disappoint the two people that actually read this, hopefully this condensed account satiates the curiosity to my ordinary life. 

July always seems like "working for the kids", nephew and nieces.  There are knitted toys and jewelry to be made for the birthdays.

enameled frog pendant

frogs for a "frog"

Bunny by Susan B. Anderson

the only mod is the crocheted tail

introduction to the new friend

inedible version of her favorite fruit

August now seems like a blur.  September was busy with creating jewelry, mostly for Beacon Open Studios.
The amazingly talented and accomplished Chris, graciously shared her space with me.  All of the beautiful paintings are hers.

one of my youngest fans

making a rare appearance with one of my youngest fans

the impressive "polar rug" in the making, just tape and her vision
Snapshots of the space.

glass leaves, and flowers, with enameled pieces

the glass "leaf" is lampwork, before my venture with enamel, which is nothing more than powdered glass

one of my favorite pieces from Jewelry 101, a dozen years ago,  that launched and influential of what i do today

another one of my favorite pieces, interchangeable "rattle"
 These are enameled panels that are wall plaques, a departure from my usual jewelry.

"hope is the thing with feathers- Emily Dickinson"
happily in a new home

wooden birdhouse, painted, with copper sheet and enameled feather
enameled frog mounted on wooden painted lily pad

"Where blossoms bloom, so does hope"- Lady Bird Johnson

this was the necklace in the group show at Hudson Beach Glass

The latter four silver pieces are now for sale at Riverwinds.
October was Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool, November was just life.... and this "stuff" for sale at The Coffee Shoppe

There is much personal and test knitting, but that deserves it's own post , and crafting of various sorts thrown in.   Still trying to work things through... In the meantime, this is the beautiful butterfly that I purchased from Chris.

Salamis temora

I don't know that my photo of it does the watercolor justice, but it has been finally framed.  I love all her bugs and botanicals, but I think this one "chose" me. 
If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown
Butterflies undergo multiple stages to achieve complete metamorphosis.  My mission is to remain hopeful, "molt" as does the caterpillar, before emerging as the person I'm supposed to be.