Monday, May 30, 2011

eulogy to ME.

For five years, my summer starts and ends with a trip to Maine, this year marks the death of that tradition.  There are many places and sites of which I will no longer visit nor see and will sorely miss.  Through a pictorial, I want to pay homage to a place that I've endeared myself and will file away as part of my history.

the view that awaits and greets every time
the many walks in the woods


looking at kezar atop sabattus
kezar lake integral to every visit but i still swim like a rock

kezar lake with glorious colors

mt. washington in the back from one of many memorable hikes

closer view of mt.wash with snow

scat, closest ever to elusive moose sighting

moose tracks in snow covered trail

developed a liking to the quintessential soft-drink;
good name for my dog if i should adopt one

trip commences with ogunquit beach
 A slim portrayal of the vistas and limited selection of the places that was a usual part of the agenda. Thank you Maine for all the fond memories!

The paradoxical truth, the best and worst thing about life is change.  With every "death", there are new beginnings.  Hope and fear can paralyze, but also mobilize and motivate.  I hate feeling like I'm holding on to "emotions"  beyond it's natural span of life.  My feelings are ever evolving though.  I'm starting to feel like I can denounce the anger and resentment.  I may not be able to control how I feel, but can control what I do with how I feel.  Disowning this negativity will not allow it to rule me or my actions.  The "sadness" exists and probably always will, but I can choose to be optimistic!