Tuesday, May 22, 2012

post BOS, philanthropic pursuits...

Anxiety, sleep deprivation, hesitancy...with BOS over, almost a month now, I am finally getting around to writing about it.  In hindsight, I am glad that I participated.  The positive feedback and practical strangers acknowledging and telling me that they like my work was nice reinforcement, makes me feel legitimate.  Everything leading up to it, and everything I managed to accomplish for it was all a step in the right direction.  Not only did it give me direction, but provided the motivation for me to create.  I only hope to perpetuate this momentum somehow.  Ironically enough,  even from the perspective of an anxious introvert, one of the biggest gains was talking to, and meeting all the wonderful and talented people.  I was in a room with 5 other immensely talented individuals.
Chris Sanders

Ed Vermehren

Jackie Shrzynski
Barbara Hanson
Amy C. Wilson

the space
I love supporting local art.  If only I had a larger disposable budget!  My acquisitions included the following,
Kathleen Andersen, glass terrarium pendant light
art by Margot Kingon

Kokma Toys by Amy C. Wilson

pillow by Barbara Hanson, anything with architecture and windows, need i say more!

limited edition AAARRRRRTT! shirts by Chris Sanders
Most importantly, it was the philanthropic efforts of a very special 4 year old, Leila, that stole my heart.

A humble suggestion and modest effort on my part, her delectable chocolate chip cookies, and the generous donations of the people filtering through that weekend, a very respectable total was raised for her cause.
Leila with her chocolate chip cookies, young lady with an enormous generous heart!
 My baking contributions
madeleines by David Lebovitz, sans glaze
It helped that we had a spread of treats contributed by the participating artists!

There are new adventures on the horizon!  Sometimes when you allow things to just happen, they turn out better than what you plan.  I do not consider myself a "spiritual" person.  If a roller coaster of emotions is the price to pay for a favorable outcome, then this is a small price.  It has to be an "energy" beyond myself, maybe it's an accumulation of my karmic energy rewarding me despite questioning how I could be so deserving.  Perhaps, understanding individuals with the power to grant me the time...mystical or not, or both, I am grateful.  A very wise friend shared with me today that everything works out as they should when we are not attached to the outcome!