Thursday, April 19, 2012

breathing in the air

Confronted with a strong visceral, intense hostility, and aversion, the word that comes to mind is "hate".  I'm not proud to be harboring this emotion for anything, not only because it's not the core of who I am, but the intensity of this "dislike" is wasted on something not worthy of even an inkling of time.  I understand the rationale, but reacting only grants it credence.  There are encounters of which I cannot control, I hate that this "chance" was enabled by an individual of which I had "once" been afflicted with the opposite emotion.  Naturally, exposure develops desensitization.  Though I hope to never have this opportunity, my best response would be one of indifference.

Otherwise, my window is finished!
with hand fabricated chain, closure with its final incarnation

my window open
the hand drawn view

that little door knocker, works!
on display @ Hudson Beach GlassBOS group show

Life is full of lessons.  When I can open my eyes and heart to it, windows open.  I've unlocked a door.  I can feel the fresh air and am "breathing" it in.  I'm not only saying and hoping, but actually believing that I will be okay again, maybe, even better than what I was!