Friday, May 23, 2014


I started this blog a couple of years ago as a means of healing through creative production. I have been very quiet in recent months because I have wavered in my decision to keep this going, for this to represent, and the identity of which I want to continue to associate for I am a changed and different person today. I am a sap for alliteration, and I like "crafting" both literally and figuratively. So instead of worrying about what it needs to be, just allow it to evolve into whatever it is supposed to be.

BOS 2014 is behind me now. I always approach it with such trepidation and stress, but as always, when it is over, I am grateful for the overwhelming response and support. I have made lifelong connections through this venue, and have received feedback affirming my work appeals to a wider cross-section beyond my immediate connections, which is good for promoting confidence. Both this impetus, and a very recent series of decisions I made about my "day job" has set in motion a momentum that will calibrate more changes. The unknown is scary. There are no plans of what or how anything is going to happen, just the sensation that something has to. Sometimes doing something that scares us the most, is the only way to grow. Life is about refinement, so changes are necessary for growing into and distilling into who and what we are. The leaps and bounds in my personal life was not anything I anticipated, but those changes and growth were possible because I took that chance. So, "change" can be good! I have an incredible person by my side, accepting and loving me as I am, incredibly patient, and quietly resolute in support. I am blessed to have my family and an incredible network of friends to lean on. Curveballs are going to be inevitable, but I am embracing the challenge!

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