Friday, March 8, 2013


February has been a month associated with some of the best and worst moments and memories, but not this year.  I believe in the sanctity of this daily reminder, my calendar at work:
BELIEVE everything happens for a reason
Early in the month was filled with festivities of the Lunar New Year.
towers of fruits of plenty, and Tray of Togetherness
lucky money
the offerings



Aside from the shower of gifts later in the month, most importantly I am reminded of the love and the wonderful people surrounding me.  There was a running theme.

even the cards more or less agreed
Only a fraction of the loot, too numerous to chronicle.
this doesn't fit floral theme, but very "sweet" of a special 9 year old

A steady stream of calla lilies from a friend awaited at my door for almost two weeks.  On the fourth try, the order was finally fulfilled correctly.
calla haven, 35 total stems

abundance of white callas

March is the month that says:

This was a gift from my sister from her last trip to Hong Kong, it has since been hanging on my wall.
It is a scroll of the Chinese character for "blessed" in various calligraphic styles.  Though I may not be religious, she is a Christian and the columns to the right are bible verses.  I can't read it, but appreciate it as a piece of art.

All of this to convey, how truly BLESSED I am.
"blessed" in relief and recessed

Despite the gentle reminder of our vulnerabilities,  to have "health" is bliss and blessed.

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  1. What a riot of color your blog post is. Love all the flowers and the sense of festivity. Here's hoping that April is just as good to you.