Monday, February 14, 2011

wrapped in love

One of my predominant activities recently, more accurately chronically, is knitting.  It occupies the hands and mind.  The rhythmic repetitive movements of sticks and string induces a  form of meditation, a stable balance of distracting from "feelings" and facilitates the calming sensation within the current active moment.  Sometimes the mindless stitches enables me to escape into the sanctuary of a quiet mind and the more challenging sections forces me to focus and escape from the turmoils of the heart.  The best part, the obsessive drive to get one more row done coupled with a self-imposed deadline, not only offers the many hours of personal relaxing therapy but ultimately, a tangible testament of time and dedication, my expression of appreciation and gratitude for those that have shown me theirs, personified in a finished shawl.

Tis' the season of "love", thus I have embarked on a knitting cathartic personal project to honor a handful of people, some may not even know it, of whom I've drawn strength and courage, supported me emotionally, whether in person or thought, negating physical distance or geographic location, enabled me to survive psychologically, physically, some of the darkest moments.  I want to reciprocate their warmth, love , and support by imparting mine through a knitted shawl.
I know I wanted to honor AT  by using her original and beautiful shawl designs, LaReine and Kouyou.

to AT: I am truly touched by your unconditional offers of love and support.  The patterns offered the perfect combination of "mindless" and challenge

to SB: For being a lifelong friend, for consistent calls, for physical support despite a busy life, for relating and truly understanding!

color representation more accurate in this pic

to SM: For considering me a "sister", through bonds of a different sort.  For your compassion and empathy


to JH:  Conjuring moments of happy past, words of encouragement, inspiring "tunes" of hope and understanding


to SC:  Brief in our meeting and furthest in distance, but enduring in thought and sentiment, would love to mirror your spirit and strength


(All shawls accompanied by a handmade card inspired by my favorite Emily Dickinson poem)

to RD:  Your wisdom, your words and as a knitting companion.  I will be gifting you these patterns, as you are infinitely a better knitter than I

to AY:  Insistence of visits, by not asking ,but showing me love and support

to AO'C:  My ally, my emotional punching bag, and sympathetic ear in an environment that would otherwise be intolerable

and Steve:  I know you will be reading this, Thank You for all your comments!

There are others, too lengthy and impossible to be all-inclusive.  As I know that "pain" is inevitable, the warmth and love I receive from all you have made the "suffering" optional.  One of Leo Buscaglia's ideas is that "love has meaning only as it is experienced in the "now"', so now, at this moment I am allowing myself to be enveloped in the overwhelming love from those that truly matter, you!

Love is always open arms. If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself.
                                                                    Leo Buscaglia


  1. Brava, my dear! You have done justice to my patterns. I feel very honored that you knit 2 of my designs twice!

    No need to thank me. I want you to know that your friends will always be there for you when you need them most. No matter the distance or absence.

  2. Very nicely done CM. I think you are coping with this far better than I would have, so don't beat yourself up if you feel certain way. Look how productive you are, it is amazing! Great job all around.