Wednesday, February 23, 2011

count your age by friends

"Count your night by stars, not shadows.  Count your days by smiles, not tears.  And on your birthday morning, count your age by friends, not years"- Unknown

Since the first day of high school, my "twin sister" walked into my life and for almost two decades , we've been part of each other's lives.  In college, we used to tell people that we're twins, fraternal just in case they were suspicious of the resemblance, but I think after a while it didn't bear any difference, because I think we even started looking alike because of all the time spent in each other's presence.  She is one of my closest friends, companion, confidant, and was my college roommate.  Life, at times gets in the way, and there are instances where I feel we've drifted apart.  The physical distance in the last few years certainly didn't help, but I don't believe we ever drifted in heart.  I want her to know, I never "forgot" her, nor ever will.  I think the history is too rich and there are many more memories to add to the chronicles of this bond.  When I am experiencing dark moments,  I do not wish to impose my issues on others, there are obligations when time is already scarce.  It is easier to wait for others to reach out when they have a moment, or for me to retreat.  I know she recognizes and respects my need to have time to myself to sort things through.  I don't want her to feel I've neglected her and closed her off to my life.  The surprise visit has affirmed the worth, value, and trust of our friendship.  I was bestowed my favorite flowers
calla lily

and a test of her clairvoyance to my current affection for plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, botanically and visually close to plum, is part of the bouquet

cherry blossoms

the ginormous bouquet
Books that remind me of our travels, and a book i intend to read.

A card  of which i find so endearing,

not only because of what's printed,

 but what she has written in it (too personal to share), and for reminding me of the teapot of which i was gifted many moons ago

But above all, it's her surprise presence that has showered me with overwhelming love and support.  As I sip the hot tea from this pot today, I am consumed with the deluge of her love and support.  Bets, you will always be one of my closest friends, the greatest gift are the heart of true friends!

My birthday is not a day that culminates in much fanfare, my preference.  But this year, I am flooded with an outpour of love.  My little cozy house was bursting with people on Saturday.  Sixteen of my closest family and friends surprised me at my house with a party.  I was overwhelmingly touched and surrounded by love and showered with gifts.  My parents brought food in abundance, leftovers of which will last me for weeks, "feeding me" is their expression of love.  I received the most beautiful handwoven kitchen towels from AT too precious to soil.

As long as I'm chronicling gifts, from  AY,

Sunday was spent with my childhood friend, SB.  She spoiled me with a generous stash of cashmere yarn and treats.

Tuesday, I received a package in the mail from SM.  A generous loot of more treats, of which are so thoughtful.  There isn't anything that she didn't take into consideration.

Today, I am totally spoiled again.  This is from CF, a new cup dressed in a cozy ready for my caffeine fix.
This is from LL'C, fragrant tea and more flowers to brighten my day.
This is from AO'C, SS, and N, totally indulging my Emily Dickinson affection, and lily bulbs for the spring, hoping my green thumb is intact.
This is the card N picked out
inside the card,
This deserves a close-up, the work of a budding artist,

Love that illustration, will be part of my permanent collection!

The evening was spent with RD, more treats and a "surprise" to follow.
Her company is much appreciated and always welcome. 

I received a multitude of messages and well wishes throughout the day, even one of which I choose to ignore.  I received a voicemail from SC, that moved me beyond tears, I think that it's just coincidental that it happened to be this evening.  But, whether she knew it or not, I think it was destined to be today.  Much like our meeting, she is "supposed" to pop in my life in inexplicable ways.

Aside from all the bonus benefits of the shower of gifts, and despite that this post may seem to be about a catalog of gifts, what it really means for me is the affirmation that I am truly blessed, blessed to have the people that I do in my life.  Blessed to be considered so fondly, to be in your thoughts, for so many to make the trek and share your time, and for some that are closer, to actually want to find the time to be with me.  I know that despite the wrenches that might be thrown my way, there are plenty of people that I can turn to and count on.  I know that I will be "happy" again, the tears today were ones of joy and a touched heart, as the "heart" was definitely smiling beaming!  Thank you!


  1. I am so glad that we could gather with you and your family to celebrate your special day. So happy that you like the towels. You have to use them. If you don't, I won't make you anymore. ;-p

  2. Caiming - you are always so giving to others that you hardly ever think of yourself. Jorge, Evie and I are so glad we could celebrate with you on a day that was devoted to you. We need to make these days happen more often so you can be reminded that it's not a one way street and that you are also loved by your friends!