Friday, March 11, 2011

HOPE personified

"Disgust" is part of the daily workweek agenda.  Incompetence, among other perverse characteristics,  partnered with a prickly personality, is offensive, that unfortunately is also a reality.  The quince branch is a good visual parallel to this feeling. 

quince branch
 The blossoms are visually close to plum, cherry... but the thorns are what sets it apart.  Aside from other symbolism, the possible "prick and puncture" threatens  from a distance never "safe" enough.  I like the quince, so comparing it to "an alien species" posing as homo sapiens, is in no way disrespecting my newfound fondness for this plant.

Privately, it has been a week of much reminiscing and really missing.  From everything everyday to less than nothing, is still difficult.  Feigning an indifference to the "physical presence" isn't easy, but it's not anything I can, or choose to engage in especially when it's someone I can no longer respect.   This doesn't change the crying in the darkness, the profound sadness, emptiness, and loneliness.  The weather is getting warmer, days longer and can't help but reflect on the flurry of activities last year at this time.  I "miss" all those things, and all that never will be.  I feel the pressure of just "getting over it", not that I should care to be judged, but I still feel "the loss", despite what has transpired. 

Despite this continual mourning,  I need to cling on to HOPE.  I/ things will never be the same, but I will go on, and "good" is possible and will emerge from all this.  Things will get better and all this shall pass.  I've been self-indulgent and made this cuff/bracelet for myself, serves as a reminder to this belief and HOPE personified in a tangible object.  Emily Dickinson's poem Hope Is the Thing With Feathers, is stamped on it.
concept to fruition

2 "feathers" pierced and stamped

pieces are formed
cuff completed, patina applied
front of cuff

back of cuff
cuff on


  1. Amazing cuff! Hope is always good to have. Hold on to it.